UP Hill Both Ways

Up hill Both Ways - Pontoon Park to Lago Vista Trail

  • Route: Start at Pontoon Park on the West end of Lake Windsor. Exit the parking lot at Pontoon Park and cross Chelsea Rd using the crosswalk. The is a trail marker at the start of Up Hill Both Ways. The trail parallels Chelsea Rd heading east. The trail crosses Huntley Rd by the POA Water Department and Huntley Trailhead. The trail works its way north crossing under Lancaster Rd ending at the Lago Vista Trail. Lago Vista goes west to Lake Avalon Beach and the Highland Gate or east to Tanyard Creek Nature Trail.

  • Surface: The trail is the soft-surface trail. It is a wide rack trail design. Approximately 3 feet wide. The surface is very rocky. Wear sturdy shoes on this route.

  • Rating: The rating on this section of the trail is Blue Square, a medium rating. This section is not very difficult.

  • Distance: It is a robust walk of 2.7 miles with a gain of 293 ft of elevation and a loss of 279 ft of elevation. No question where the trail gets its name.

  • Parking: There are public trailheads at Pontoon Park and Huntley Road Trailhead. There is also parking at Lake Beach and Tanyard Creek if you keep going.

  • Notes: This walk has a good bit of climbing but is not difficult. There are lots of ups and downs. The trail mixes with the Huntley Gravity Trails. Watch for one way sections of trail. This is a great way to get to Lake Avalon Beach or Tanyard Creek.

  • This very interesting walk, it is just one surprise after another.

  • Carry water and a phone when walking the trails.