Tweety Bird Loop

Tweety Bird Loop

  • Route: Start at the Chelsea Rd Tunnel. The tunnel is located at the corner of Chelsea Rd and Prescott Rd.

    • Head Northwest on the trail toward Lake Windsor as short 9/10 mile later, you'll be standing on the shore of the lake.

    • The return route is on the other side of the valley floor.

  • Surface: The trail is the soft-surface trail. It is a wide rack trail design. Approximately 5 feet wide.

  • Rating: It is rated as a Green Circle easy rating.

  • Distance: This is the relaxing walk of 1.73 miles this route. The trail is mostly flat.

  • Parking: There is parking at the trailhead off Chelsea Rd.

  • Notes: The walk was easy. It would be great for small children and families. It is an excellent trail to see what is so great about the trails.

  • Progressive Trail Design built the trail to adheres to adaptive cycling standards.

  • Carry water and a phone when walking the trails.