Tunnel Vision Page 3

Scotsdale Dr at Cullen Hills Dr to Forest Hills tunnel near Milford Ln

  • Route: Start at the large asphalt parking lot on the north side of Cullen Hills Dr just east of Scotsdale Dr.
    • Head west across the Cullen Hills Dr bridge over Browning Creek. The trail picks up on the east side of Scotsdale Dr heading north.
    • Head into the woods at the Tunnel Vision sign.
    • At about .7 mile, cross the Browning Creek trail bridge.
    • At about .85 mile, cross the first of two natural wooden bridges on this segment.
    • At 1.35 miles, cross the second natural wooden bridge and immediately notice the intersection with the north end of the Bamboozled trail. It’s southern end is at the Beach at Lake Avalon.
    • At 2 miles, you’ve reached the tunnel under Forest Hills Blvd.
  • Surface: Soft surface, single track.
  • Rating: Blue square. Elevation gain is just under 300 feet.
  • Distance: 2.0 miles
  • Parking: Asphalt lot at Cullen Hills Dr and Scotsdale Dr. (Note: Maybe POA members only, but not marked.)