Lago Vista Trail

Forest Hills and Lancashire to Forest Hills and Nottingham Dr. & Lake Avalon Beach

  • Route: Start at Lago Vista trail entrance just north of Casey’s across Forest Hills from Dollar General.
    • Head east from the trail sign.
    • At about .15 miles, bear right at the Y.
    • It’s a gentle downhill which hugs the north side of a sweet valley. This is part of the watershed that runs into Lake Avalon.
    • At about 1.25 miles, just before you reach the lake, you’ll find a couple of great sitting logs.
    • At 1.3 miles, cross Camden Road. If you need a break, enjoy the facilities: beach, covered picnic tables, playground for the kids. (POA members and guest only)
    • Immediately after crossing Camden, turn left, heading north and east until you find the sign for the Bamboozled trail.
    • A moderate 1/2 mile climb will take you to Forest Hills and Nottingham Dr.
  • Surface: Soft-surface, single track design. You will see a couple of bicycle features running parallel to the walking trail.
  • Rating: Lago Vista has a green circle rating. Bamboozled is a blue square. Elevation gain about 250 feet.
  • Distance: About 1.8 miles
  • Parking: Numerous businesses have ample parking at the Forest Hills/Lancashire intersection. There is off-street parking on Nottingham Dr.
  • Notes: When completed, the Lago Vista trail will connect two sides of the Tunnel Vision loop, extending from the Highland gate on the west to the Tanyard Creek waterfall on the east. A beautiful wooden bridge is already in place across Avalon Creek at the beach end of the lake. Where the hike described above goes north at the beach, the Lago Vista trail will cross the new bridge and go south and east around Lake Avalon on its way to Tanyard Creek.
  • Carry water and a phone when walking the trails.