Blowing Spring Trailhead to Metfield Skills Park

This video is from the Wall of Honor to Metfield skills park. It is 25 minute bike ride or about and hour and 1/2 walk.

Metfield Extention

The Metfield Extention is part of the Razorback Greenway. Which runs from Bella Vista to Fayetteville

  • Route: Blowing Spring Trailhead to the Metifeld Skills Park.

  • The trail is part of Razor Back Greenway. The south end of trail hooks to the 37 miles long Greenway.

  • Surface: The trail is a concrete hard surface trail/sidepath.

  • Rating: It is rated easy. There 336 feet of elevation change.

  • Distance: The Trail is 3.1-miles. The average grade is 2%. It is an easy 20-minute ride or a 1-hour walk.

  • Parking: There is parking at the Blowing Springs Trailhead and the Metfield Skills Park. There are restrooms at both ends of the Extention.

  • Notes: Metfield Extention is an enjoyable walk. The trail is stroller and kid-friendly. There are park grounds and lots of room for little ones to run.

  • Bicyclists are welcome. The trail is flat enough for training wheels. There some beginner mountain bike trails in the park also.

  • You can keep going South from Blowing Springs TH, it is only 37 miles to Fayetteville.