Loch lomond trail

loch lomond trail

  • Route: Loch Lomond Trail offers several different routes. The Basic loop around the park is 6/10 of a mile. The north access road is 2/10, with a 70-foot elevation change. The south access road and dam top are 1.1 miles round trip with another 70-foot elevation change. You can mix and match the routes.
  • Surface: The trail is a hard surface asphalt path 8 feet wide.
  • Rating: It is rated easy to medium, depending on the route.
  • Distance: Over 3000 feet of paved walking surfaces
  • Parking: There is good parking at the softball field
  • Notes: The views from the top of the dam are amazing. There are 2 – 70-foot climbs in the park, which can make an aerobic walk. There are three benches and restrooms on the trail route.