The Ledges Trail

The Ledges Trail Carroll Substation to Metfield GC

  • Route: Start at Carroll Electric Substation at 16039 Weybridge Dr. From the intersection of The Ledges Trail, Back 40 Trail, and Pinyon Creek Trail, head south on The Ledges Trail. The route is relatively straightforward stay on The Ledges Trail until you get to Commonwealth Rd. We parked the chase car on Pennine Cr; it is about 200 yards west of the trail crossing.
  • Surface: The trail is the soft-surface trail. It is a single track design. The surface was very nice to walk on.
  • Rating: It is rated has a Black Diamond difficult rating. There are many drop-offs.
  • Distance: This is an aerobic walk of 2.9 miles. It took about 90 minutes. There are 323 feet of ascent and 114 feet of descent change during this walk. Remember the numbers reserve going the other way.
  • Parking: There is self-made parking at Carroll Electric Substation on Weybridge Dr., and we parked the chase car on the street at Pennine Cr.
  • Notes: This route is mostly uphill, but there are no steep incline or long down slopes. We were surprised to learn the amount of elevation change. The path rolls up and down. The views across the valley of the Back-40 are incredible. There is little question where "The Ledges Trail" got its name. We came across a pleasant small stream and waterfall. You don't see any homes on this walk; you get the feeling your walking the north woods. The Ledges is the signature bike ride on Back-40, you will come across a lot of bike traffic.
  • Carry water and a phone when walking the trails.