Metfield Park to Blowing Springs

Metfield Park to Blowing Springs Park

Route: Start at Metfield Park head toward the golf course. You are on the Rago Trail. Turn right on the trail follows along the side of Commonwealth Rd. The little stop signs are essential trail markers. At the end of Rago Trail, you turn right to Back 40 Loop to get to Blowing Springs.

Surface: The trail is the soft-surface trail. It is a single track design.

Rating: It is rated has a blue square more difficult rating.

Distance: This is the robust walk of 3 miles. It took about 1 hour

Parking: There is lots of parking at Metfied Park and Blowing Springs Park.

Notes: These are the 3rd legs of the walk for Lake And Dam to Blowing Springs Park. This one is a very nice pleasant walk through the woods. The scenery is spectacular as the other to legs. It is the easiest of the three legs, the 240 feet of elevation drop had a lot to do with that. You see a lot more houses and traffic. It would a great walk to get a feel for trails. Watch for the little stop signs on Commonwealth and Euston Rds; they are only trail marking is this section. Be careful at the end of the Rago Tail; you need to turn right on the Back 40 Loop the get to Blowing Spring Park.

The 1st leg was Lake Ann Dam to Buckingham trailhead 2.5 mile

The 2nd leg was Buckingham trailhead to Metfield Park 3.2 miles, and very uphill.

Carry water and a phone when walking the trails.