North side of Back 40

NORTH SIDE of Back 40

The North Side of Back 40 - Glemsford Dr. Trail crossing to the East Lancashire Trail Crossing.

  • Route: The route is simple, get on Back-40 Trail and head East. Stop when you get to Lancashire Rd.
  • Surface: The trail is the soft-surface trail. It is a single track design.
  • Rating: It is rated has a blue square medium rating.
  • Distance: It is a pleasant walk of 3.43 miles. It took about 1 hour and 30 minutes. Elevation: gain 272 feet.
  • Parking: The Glemsford Dr. Trail crossing is in the middle of nowhere; there is lots of parking along the side of the road. We park the chase car on Hart Ln, a lovely little cul-de-sac with just one house. There is lots of room to park.
  • Notes: Start at the Glemsford Dr. (yes, it is still in Arkansas.) The Back 40 follows the Missouri border for the 1/2 mile; it is an easy walk on the hard-packed surface. The first 3/4 of a mile is all downhill, but don't worry; what goes down must come up.
    • That the one-mile mark you get to the SBAT-Back 40 Loop Trailhead is located at Gainford Dr & E. Lancashire Blvd. The next mile, the trail climbs gently out of the valley — the trail surface changes from hard pack to crushed rock about midway. The crushed stone is harder to walk on; we would suggest good shoes or boots for this section.
    • The last 3/4 of the mile, there is a good bit of climbing. There are 175 feet of elevation change here. The climb isn't steep, but it does keep going.
    • There are some fantastic bluffs on this walk. Some you see from the bottom and some from the top.
  • Carry water and a phone when walking the trails.