walking in Bella Vista

walking and biking trails

  • Bella Vista is fast becoming a bicycle and hiking mecca. There are currently over 150 miles of trails on the Master Trail Plan, with 60 miles finished already.

  • We put together a self-guided website of little known short walks in and around Bella Vista AR so that you can easily find your way around our unique trail system.

  • Each walk includes the route, distance, difficulty rating, trailheads, trail surface, points of interest, parking information, and notes. Difficulty ratings are Easiest(White Circle), Easy (Green Circle), More Difficult (Blue Square), Very Difficult (Black Diamond), and Extremely Difficult (Double Black Diamond). The Back 40 trails were rated by the trail builders.

  • GPS mapping apps were used to measure the distance of the walks. Parking information includes parking areas, not on the public right of way. Check out the notes, which talk about scenery and items of interest.

  • The trail system in Bella Vista, Ar, is a cooperative venture between the City of Bella Vista, the Bella Vista Property Owners Association, and the Walton Family Foundation.

The Bella Vista trail system is divided in three categories.

  • The POA Trails are owned and operated by the Bella Vista Property Owner Association.

    • Tanyard Creek Nature Trail, which was constructed by volunteers, is a two-part trail with parking. Part one is a paved walking trail, a relatively level 0.3-mile loop through open country. Part 2 is a moderately hilly trail that stretches through woods and along Tanyard and Sunshine creeks. This portion of the trail has a well-maintained natural surface, which takes hikers past a breathtaking waterfall.

    • The Branchwood Trail is a 1.5 mile paved walking and biking trail winds through the natural rolling hills of the Ozark with scenic bridges and benches on west side of Bella Vista.

    • The Loch Lomond Trail is nearly 3,300-foot walking trail sits on the community’s west side. The level trail, which is located below the Loch Lomond Dam, has a paved surface and available parking. The trail loops around a softball field.

  • The Back 40 Trails are a 40 mile soft mountain biking trail system that is located on the east side of Bella Vista and is open to the public. This trail was designed and constructed primarily for mountain biking, more than half the users of the Back 40 are walkers/hikers.

  • The Sugar Creek Trails are located in central section of Bella Vista and are open to the public. These trails were designed for walking and mountain biking. They are machine built trails that make them wider than single track Back 40 Trails. Many people find them better for walking and hiking than the Back 40.